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Colby has done me well, both in college and cheese form @lauraktierney @beyonceobrien @aislingwhelan55 (at Colby College)
Tuesday, 8:38 pm
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Take THAT high school!
Friday, 12:31 pm
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One World Trade in the clouds #nyc  (at World Trade Center Site)
Monday, 6:09 pm
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The dogs are barking #Brooklyn #nyc @howtomakeit @d________g  (at Brooklyn Bridge Park, DUMBO)
Sunday, 6:13 pm
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1 gallon, signed by the president of Tabasco #tabasco #gallon #hotsauce
Wednesday, 6:29 pm
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At her specific request to make a birthday Instagram, happy 15th @janeylitvin #highline #janesbday (at The High Line)
Sunday, 3:34 pm
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View of #washington from the plane, you can see the Washington monument and the Lincoln memorial
Saturday, 7:07 am
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Look what I found #Washington  (at United States Capitol)
Friday, 12:18 pm
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Bike across Golden Gate #sanfrancisco #biking #goldengate
Friday, 4:56 pm
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Early morning cable car ride at the top of Lombard street #sanfrancisco #lombard #cablecar #view
Friday, 12:10 pm
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